On May 8, 2020, Delta Dental of Arkansas announced a "Pandemic Relief Credit" for our business clients with dental and/or vision insurance.

Fully insured group clients will receive a credit on their July 2020 bill for 100% of the July premium amount. This means their bill for July premiums will be $0. However, any outstanding premiums or adjustments for months prior to July will be listed on the bill.

Self-insured group clients will receive a credit on their July 2020 bill for 100% of July's administrative fees. This means their bill for July administrative fees will be $0.

We also invite you to learn more about Delta Dental's Corporate Response to the Covid-19 pandemic by visiting http://www.DeltaDentalAR.com/Covid-19

Please note that the 100% July premium credit will not appear on the Online Portal for the July 2020 bill, however the credit will be applied to July 2020 premiums. Since the July premium credit will apply to the July premium bill, the July bill will not be open for payments. A paper bill showing the July premium credit will be mailed out for your records.

Effective June 15th, immediate adjustments will be disabled until July 15th. This temporary hold is to allow for proper processing of your July statement to reflect the Pandemic Relief Credit being given to our business clients for July premium. You may still make adjustments and updates to your eligibility; however, these changes will not appear until your August statement. On July 15th, you may resume making immediate adjustments, as usual, that will impact your current billing.


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